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Our CEO’s top 5 reads of 2018

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

What I love most about reading is the opportunity it provides to travel across different worlds through the eyes of millions of different characters, which opens the door to new valuable insights and perspectives on life. 

As the year comes to a close, I have made a compilation of my top 5 best and most recommended books (in no particular order) of 2018 for like-minds.

1. Losing my virginity: The Richard Branson autobiography 

This book gave me a brand new insight into the world of business, team-building and leadership. I love how Richard Branson stresses the importance of adding a touch of fun into every aspect of business.

Losing my virginity!

2. There was a country: Chinua Achebe

What I found most interesting about this book is how much the Biafran story has always been one-sided and unfairly biased in favour of the Nigerian account. This is the first properly documented account of the Nigerian civil war from a Biafran’s perspective I have read and I must admit it was simply amazing! I recommend this book for those interested in Nigeria’s history and politics.

3. Your Roadmap for Success: John C. Maxwell

If you’re feeling stuck and in search of new perspectives for overcoming life’s challenges then I strongly recommend this book! As Maxwell goes deep into explaining the importance of seeing success as a journey and not a destination, you begin to evaluate your progress in life differently. Overall, the book is full of life gems and quotes you wouldn’t find just anywhere.

4. Outliers: Malcom Gladwell

Great read for patriotic Nigerians!

This book, which was a gift from the missus, is easily one of the most fascinating books I have ever read. Overall, Maxwell takes a rather academic approach towards understanding the underlying reasons behind success. I guarantee you that the findings will shock you! Things get even more interesting as Gladwell explains the relationship between pilots’ background and airplane crashes. 

5. Soldiers of Fortune: Max Siollun

The Nigeria education system has really failed to teach young Nigerians the true in-depth history of Nigeria. This is sad and unfortunate as we can never truly dictate tomorrow without fully understanding yesterday. This book, another gift from the missus haha, examines the coup culture and power struggles that plagued and continues to plague Nigeria since the country’s national independence. I recommend this for every future leader - basically everyone one of us. 

Hope you decide to check at least one of these out! Wishing you a joyful & knowledgeable 2019!