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5 Honeymoon Destinations to Consider

So you're getting married and dreaming up places to visit and make the world disappear with your other you consider the usual Paris or Venice...or go for somewhere totally unique and exciting? Our guess is you picked the latter!

Torremolinos, Spain

Torremolinos was the first spot on Spain’s Costa del Sol to become a resort and it has been coasting on vacationer money ever since. Oh look, it also offers clean sandy beaches and a lively nightlife! You can also go outside the city and visit the nearby Malaga, where you can see Alcazaba, the best-preserved Moorish fortress in all of Spain. You will undoubtedly visit one of the small fishing villages along the way to experience eating paella at a beachside restaurant. 

Torremolinos, Spain

Ponza, Italy

Located in the Pontine Islands archipelago somewhere midway between Naples and Rome, Ponza is a historic island that deals in tourism, boat-making, boats and fishing. It’s not overrun with tourists, and a very cool, intimate place to spend a honeymoon.  You have fabulous beaches beloved by tourists and local alike, grottoes aplenty (some of them built by Romans or Etruscans, the people Romans squished), caves and arches.

Porto Santo Island, Portugal

It’s the easternmost island in Madeira, and its history is as harsh as its uninhabited northern coast. However, it’s fast becoming a tourist draw. It has a respectable airport and the biggest gold course in the archipelago. You can just go out and explore it at leisure, and even visit the house where Christopher Columbus used to live.

Bruges, Belgium

Give Bruges a chance! After all, this is one of the cities that are called “The Venice of the North,” all because of its many, many canals. However, it’s historical city centre is a big draw as well – this fairytale town has been declared a UNESCO world heritage object. Aside from impressive architecture, you can also enjoy fine Belgian eating as you indulge in chocolate, waffles, mussels and beer. See? You’re only a masquerade away from actual Venice!


Montenegro, just Montenegro

Give Croatia a rest, especially now that A Game of Thrones has come to an ignominious end. As Adriatic coast turns into the new French Riviera, Montenegro is attracting tourists by the bucketload, so get there before Kotor’s boka (kinda fjord-like) bay is overrun. You can find cheap lodging in fishing villages, and if you’re not afraid to spend, more luxury options are opening everywhere, including the Aman resort at Sveti Stefan, a preserved 15th-century fortified village!

Hope you try out at least one of our recommendations and experience the magic with either a best friend, a loved one or maybe both! If you feel we left out something, feel free to leave a comment below...