Get Paid For Flight Delay

Get paid when your flight gets delayed or

Most passengers don’t know about their eligibility for financial compensation in the event of a flight disruption.
We turn your delayed, cancelled or overbooked flights into compensation of up to €600.

Quick and easy process

It takes less than 5 minutes to file a claim and less than 3 weeks on average to receive your compensation.

No risk

We assess and submit your claim to the airline without charge. We only get paid if you get compensated

Claim old flights

Depending on regulations, you can claim as far back as six years.

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How does it work?

Claiming your compensation with us is super easy and takes only about three weeks on average. See our simple 3-step process below.

Are you eligible?
Are you eligible?

You can check to see if you are eligible for compensation in seconds using our free cliam eligibility checker.

Africlaim helps you
Africlaim helps you

Once your eligibility status is confirmed, our expert legal team will carefully assemble your claim and contact the airline. We will take full responsibility for the claim and ensure you get paid.

Get Compensated
Get Compensated

Once compensation is received, your money will be transferred immediately, minus a little fee. You won't be charged in the unlikely event that we're unsuccessful.

Why Africlaim?

Get Compensated
For Delayed Flights

You will be informed if you’re entitled to compensation, and we’ll help you get it.

Our legal aviation knowledge and experience, combined with our unique algorithms and strong network with airlines, make us the best choice for processing your flight delay compensation claim. Your chances of success are greatly increased when filing with us and you also save a great deal of time and stress!


You may get
compensated if

Delayed Flight?

Flight delays will always happen. However, the good news is that if you’ve been on a delayed flight, you may be able to claim up to €600 in flight delay compensation under a European legislation called EC 261.

Cancelled Flight?

Flight cancellations suck! Thanks to EC 261, you can also claim up to €600 compensation when your flight is cancelled less than 14 days before the flight was due to depart. You may still be eligible even if the airline has already arranged a replacement flight.

Overbooked Flight?

Do you recall an experience where the gate attendant was asking for volunteers to take another plane in exchange for travel vouchers? That’s usually the first sign indicating you’re on an overbooked flight. Overbooking is wrong. If you’re denied boarding as a result of this, you may be able to claim up to €600 in flight delay compensation under a European legislation called EC 261.

Delayed Baggage

We provide detailed information on claiming baggage compensation. Currently, we recommend that you file baggage compensation claims directly with the airline. If that doesn’t work, you can always count on us.

Missed Connection

Missing a flight connection can be a horrible experience. If you were traveling to or from Europe you might be protected by regulation EC 261. This says if you miss a connecting flight due to flight delay, cancellation, or being denied boarding you could be entitled to up to €600 in flight delay compensation.

Airline Strike

Fortunately, an airline’s staff or crew going on strike cannot be categorised as an “act-of-God”. If you have experienced delays due to airline strikes and were traveling to or from the EU, you may be entitled up to €600 in compensation.

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"Got delayed on a flight leaving Paris in 2016, was a bit skeptical at first as I did not want to get disappointed but I can now say it was 100% worth it!"
"Great service! got paid in less than a month"
David M
"I'm still in shock! I can't believe I actually got paid wow. You guys rock!"
"Really innovative service. Who knew you could get paid from just a flight delay!"